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Minnesota deserves the right to compete on an even playing field with neighboring states that have already repealed their outdated blue laws. Consumers across Minnesota deserve the right to shop when it’s convenient for them – and for many people that’s on a Sunday! Repealing this outdated blue law won’t force anyone to make a purchase, or any store to be open. It just allows for the possibility. It allows for CHOICE!

Antiquated blue laws put Minnesota at a competitive disadvantage with Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and even Canada.

Some analysts estimate that legalizing Sunday alcohol sales in Minnesota could generate at least $10.6 million in additional state tax revenue.

A poll by Public Policy Polling showed Minnesota voters overwhelming support legalizing Sunday alcohol sales, regardless of party affiliation.

Sunday liquor sales are favored by 61 percent of Democrats, and only 22 percent opposed. Republicans are in favor by a 46/38 margin.

Independents approve of Sunday sales by a massive 68/23 margin.

The bipartisan consensus is measured at more than two-to-one, with 59 percent in favor and 27 percent against.

Blue laws are not just a state issue. Minnesota cities also lose revenue from the antiquated laws of a bygone era. In 2011 the Duluth city council passed a resolution to support legislation legalizing Sunday liquor sales.

Bring Minnesota out of the dark ages.

Legalize the sale of liquor, wine, and beer on Sunday.

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